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Covid19 measures winter 2020/2

Bellwald Sportbahnen

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Switzerland is skiing - also in Bellwald!

In Bellwald we are preparing for the winter of 2020/21 and will implement all necessary measures to ensure the safety of guests and employees. The definitive protection concept for the winter is currently still in preparation and will be put online on this page as soon as possible. Essentially, we are adhering to the summer safety concept already drawn up by Bellwald Sportbahnen (see download link below).

General note on compulsory masks/recommendation: Bellwald Sportbahnen AG operates ski lifts and chair lifts only (no closed systems). These are currently exempt from the obligation to wear masks. Notwithstanding this, we recommend wearing protective masks, especially in the case of large groups of people or if the minimum distance is not observed.

Special regulation for seasonal subscriptions due to official closures

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According to point 2.6 of the General Terms and Conditions of Bellwald Sportbahnen AG, the customer has no claim to a reduction or refund of what he has already paid. The winter season subscription is an exception, for which a credit note can be requested in accordance with the table below and the following conditions. Conditions for crediting winter season subscriptions: The credit balance is credited to the personal online account (Webshop Bellwald Sportbahnen AG). The online credit can be used exclusively for products of Bellwald Sportbahnen AG. No cash payment possible.

Date of official closure
Credit note to customer for winter season subscription
(No cash payment possible)

Before opening the winter season
Purchase price to 100% as online credit
Till 31 December
Purchase price to 75% as online credit
Till 15 January
Purchase price to 50% as online credit
Till 14 February
Purchase price to 25% as online credit
After the 14 February
No credit note
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