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Invitation to artists from Switzerland and the wider world to enjoy creative stays of 2 to 6 months in one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the Alps, the Goms in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. We particularly welcome painters, sculptors, film and video artists, writers, architects, industrial and fashion designers, as well as composers. Preservation of the old fabric of the buildings (15th-19th century)


by converting them to studios and workshops for artists. Support from community organisations in Goms for the development and running of regional centres for artistic activities. Building up a collection of works by artists who have been and will continue to be active in the region by way of a contribution to tourism in the region.

Studio occupancy

Element 1
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Element 1

Atelier occupancy 2022

January to March

Nina Stoelting, Painter, Germany

April to June

Photographer from the SMArt programme

Juli bis September

Yasuko Yamaguchi, Musician, Germany/Japan

October to December

Andrea Böning, visual artist, Germany/Switzerland

Atelier occupancy 2021

January to March
Ines Andress Arraki, Fotografin, Marokko
April to June
Lisa Lurati, bildende Künstlerin, Schweiz
Juli bis September
Barbara Herold, Fotografin, Film- und Videokunst, Deutschland

Florian Huth, Bildhauer, Fotograf, Deutschland
October to December
Charlotte Pannicke, bildende Künstlerin, Dänemark/Norwegen

Atelier occupancy 2020

January to February
Charlotte Mumm, bildende Künstlerin, Deutschland/Niederlande
March to May
SMArt Programm
June to July
Yasuko Yamaguchi, Komponistin, Japan/Deutschland
August to September
Bettina Bürkle, bildende Künstlerin, Deutschland
October to December
Tanja Bykova - Röthlisberger, Malerin, Estland/Schweiz

Atelier occupancy 2019

January to March
Arman Vahanyan, Maler, Armenien
April to June
Tarek Haddad, Fotograf, Libanon
July to August
Bob Negryn, Fotograf, Niederlande
September to December
Ursula Weissenborn, bildende Künstlerin, Schweiz/Deutschland

Atelier occupancy 2018

January - March 

Andreas Fischbach, visual artist, Switzerland

April - June

Photographer or photographer, possibly Mongolia

July - August

Ulrich Gsell, stone sculptor, Germany

September -  October

Niklaus Lapuch, visual artist, Austria

November - December

Eva Blatt, composer and Christiane Schwarze, writer, Germany

Atelier occupancy 2017

December 16 - January 17

Frank Lippold, visual artist from Germany

February - April

Katrin Pannicke, sculptor from Germany

May - July

Photographer or photographer from Peru

August - September

Sarah Horowitz, visual artist from the USA

October - December

Michaela Knizova, visual artist from Slovakia

Atelier occupancy 2016

January -  February

Alberto Condotta, painter from Italy

March -  May

Photographer from China

June -  July

Isabelle Wiessler, textile artist from France

August -  September

Makiko Nishikaze, composer from Japan

October - November

Kornelia Thümmel, sculptor from Germany

Atelier occupancy2015

January - February

Natalia Zaluska, painter from Poland

March - May

Photographer from Mongolia

June July

Detlef Suske, photographer from Germany

August- September

Christine and Wolfram Ebersbach, painter and graphic artist from Germany

October - December

Philipp König, woodcut, lithographer from Germany

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