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The Bellwald Sportbahnen AG with its range of tourist services is an essential guarantee that your property retains its value. Without the cable cars, Bellwald would lose a great deal of its attractiveness and would probably no longer be viable as a holiday resort.


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In the next few years, winter tourism will probably lose importance - also due to global warming. At the same time, however, summer tourism will become increasingly important. According to various medical studies, the recreational value in the Alps is much higher than at the seaside. The extreme temperatures in the lowlands will also contribute to the "flight" to the mountains.

Bellwald Sportbahnen is therefore doing everything it can to expand its summer operations and make them more attractive. This expansion is associated with costs and it is only possible to a limited extent for us to generate these increases in attractiveness from our own funds. We are therefore dependent on investment contributions and share capital.

You can help us to improve the summer yield and to increase the attractiveness of the

of Bellwald by acquiring shares in Bellwald Sportbahnen AG. Our company owns several of its own shares, which we can sell.

So become a co-owner of Bellwald Sportbahnen AG and buy shares. This will also give you the opportunity to be comprehensively informed at the annual general meeting and to participate in the decision-making process within the scope of your shareholding.

With our best thanks for your active assistance.

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