Visitor's tax regulations

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The introduction of the new visitor tax regulations is based on the visitor tax regulations approved by the municipality and homologated by the canton, which have been in force since 01.11.2016. The visitor's tax regulations should not be confused with the regulations for the promotion of tourism in the municipality of Bellwald (2 separate regulations).

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Owner payment

How will I, as the owner, pay my visitor's tax in the future?

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In future, the tourist tax will be billed once a year (end of November, beginning of December). As in the past, the municipality of Bellwald has entrusted Bellwald Tourism with the task. All visitor's taxes are covered once the annual payment has been made. The municipality of Bellwald or Bellwald Tourism will not collect any further payments.

Please note that the tax for the promotion of tourism must still be paid on rental properties.


What will change with the introduction of the new regulations?

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The new regulations stipulate that each apartment / chalet pays a flat rate visitor's tax, regardless of whether you "only" use the property for yourself, whether you rent it out or whether you make your property available to friends. The size of the property now plays a decisive role for the first time. You will now receive a certain number of guest cards based on the size of your property. The regulations provide for three different sizes of property:

up to and including 2.5-room apartments = 2 beds = factor 2 CHF 378.-
up to and including 3.5-room apartments = 4 beds = factor 4 CHF 756.-
up to and including 4.5-room apartments and larger = 5 beds = factor 5 CHF 945.-

With the introduction of the new regulations, you will receive a one-off invoice for your property. After paying the bill and returning the order form, you can pick up your guest cards at the tourist office and benefit from a range of offers and services throughout the year.

Claiming back visitor's tax

Can the owner ask for tourist tax from his guests/friends?

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It has always been the case that guests had to/were supposed to pay their own visitor's tax directly at the tourist office. If they do not do so, the owner becomes liable for the payment (Article 21 Tourism Act). With the introduction of the flat rate, the owner pays the visitor's tax once a year for his property.

If he rents the property to guests or makes it available to friends, he can ask for the visitor's tax from his "tenants" according to the rates below. In such cases, the owner may dispose of the proceeds. This arrangement rewards the owners who rent out their apartments and thus generate overnight stays (warm beds) in Bellwald.

AdultYoung persons. 6 - 15 years

Children up to 6 years

Second homes
CHF 5.80CHF 2.90Free
Group accommodation
CHF 4.00CHF 2.00Free
CHF 4.00CHF 2.00Free
HotelCHF 4.00CHF 2.00Free
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