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Black Trail 2.3 km, 400 CEG
Blue Trail 2 km, 400 CEG

Ort: Gassen

The bike park in the idyllic mountain village of Bellwald has become more and more popular in recent years. The interesting, flowing course with natural ground conditions and lots of jumps and gaps of all sizes is well known and very popular on the European freeride and downhill scene.

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Mountain biking and downhill in the Bellwald bike park

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Since 2006, young locals have put their heart and soul into making a dream come true. What at the beginning was dismissed as crazy and at best belittled, is now generating an indispensable customer segment that, in summer, enlivens the entire resort. Bellwald's bike park has become known well beyond the country's borders. The dream of yesteryear has become an integral part of what Bellwald has to offer.

The pioneering work and the mood of innovation that prevailed back then need to continue today and in the future. Today, various interest groups work hand in hand to maintain, optimise and further develop the existing range of services. This is to meet the demands of our bikers, but also our own needs. Although it was built and maintained by the Upper Valais Downhill Club GAB, the maintenance and marketing have since been taken over by the Bellwald ski lifts, supported by the Bikepark Bellwald interest group.

As in the very beginning, our downhill guests can look forward on a daily basis to a route that is both well-maintained and safe.

On the first weekend in October, the Upper Valais will again be infected by the downhill virus! At the final race of the iXS Swiss Downhill Cup series we are expecting 350 racers, lots of teams and relaxed celebrations among friends. After training on Friday, the race weekend will really get going!

Downhill impressions

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The trails in the Bellwald bike park

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Black Trail "National"

There are two words to best describe the black trail at Bellwald bike park: fast and flowing. The trail is not advertised as black because of technically difficult passages. The difficulty of the course lies mainly in the demanding traverses and the high degree of concentration needed to stay focused at a relatively high speed.

The descent starts at the middle station and leads through open meadows and forest on totally natural surfaces. Over and over again, the rider comes upon interesting key places like the "Lucien Combo", the "Mutschlucht" (courage canyon) or the "Todesfall" (fatality) rock garden.
The track bears the title "National" because the Swiss Championships were held here the year after its opening in 2005. Since then, the trail has served as a popular race track for up to 400 downhill riders in the iXS Downhill Cup in October. Although this descent has been open for more than ten years, the quality of the track and the pleasure of riding on it can still be ensured today thanks to qualified maintenance work.

We wish everyone a lot of fun, courage and common sense on the classic bike track in Bellwald bike park.

Cumulative elevation gain: 400 m
Length about 2.3 km
Difficulty: medium - hard

Blue Trail "Denis X-Trail"

The blue trail was added several years after the black trail. The aim was to build a second, easier and more comfortable route. In recent years, the track has been optimised and of course kept in perfect condition. The Bellwald soil is ideal for cutting through the burns, and there's usually more grip than courage. The blue trail also starts at the middle station and then leads directly to the west. While the fun on the "National" grows proportionally to the speed, the "Denis X-Trail" is also fun for a very comfortable style of riding. This does not necessarily require a downhill bike. Even an all-mountain bike means that you will be safe on the natural surface without shocks and roots. Beginners and less experienced riders are guaranteed a confident and fearless start.

Cumulative elevation gain: 400 m
Length: ca. 2 km
Difficulty: easy

Downhill tariffs

Contact via Bellwald Sportbahnen AG on +41 27 971 19 26 or

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CHF 35.-CHF 25.-
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 (09.00 - 12.00/13.15 - 16.30) Prices subject to changes!

Renting bikes

Contact via sports and leisure facilities on +41 79 628 74 18 or

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Downhill Bike (incl. protector jacket, knee and shin guards,
Full-face helmet, glasses, gloves, T-shirt)
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Contact for downhill

Further information can be obtained directly from Bellwald Sportbahnen AG

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Bellwald Sportbahnen AG
+41 27 971 19 26
+41 27 971 29 10

Contact for rentals

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Sport - & Freizeitanlagen
+41 79 628 74 18
3997 Bellwald
+41 27 971 16 84