"Hasenliebe" (rabbit love) fairy tale trail

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The Hasenliebe fairy tale trail is suitable for prams and pushchairs.

Ort: Gassen

Family outing in Goms

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Learning to be kind to other people through play with Bella and Waldi

Element 1
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Our story (written and illustrated by Lisbeth and Tanja) tells of Bella the rabbit and her visit to Waldi the rabbit in Bellwald. At fourteen fairy tale stations, visitors are taught in a child-friendly way how important it is to be kind to other people. Waldi also shows Bella his surroundings, the countryside and all the things you can do in it. At each station, a bit more of the story is told and you can actually be a part of it.

At the exploration station, you'll find out about the animals, the flowers and much more with Bella and Waldi. You hop and throw things about with them or climb up to the tree house in the top of the larch trees. The fairy tale trail takes about two hours. Of course, it depends on how much time you spend at each station. The fairy tale trail is also suitable for prams and pushchairs.

You'll find these stations on the Fairy Tale Trail:

  1. photo wall
  2. Bella's boat on the Fleschensee
  3. exploration station
  4. hopping and throwing
  5. cone throwing
  6. tree house
  7. playing and senses
  8. rabbit hunt
  9. world of sound
  10. ropeway gondola
  11. slide and animal tracks
  12. rabbit enclosure
  13. kaleidoscope
  14. the big book of rabbit love

Contact for fairytale trail

Further information can be obtained directly from Bellwald Tourism

Element 1
Zeichenfläche 1 Kopie 2
Element 1
Bellwald Tourismus
Bellwalderstr. 446
3997 Bellwald
+41 27 971 16 84
+41 27 971 41 54
3997 Bellwald
+41 27 971 16 84