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If the children are too young or can't brake themselves, a parent has to go with them in the mountain cart.

Ort: Gassen

Our tip: If you take a ride in the morning, you'll get all the fun at a special price!

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Who rides in a mountain cart?

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Families with children love to ride in the mountain carts, but also older people and those who are young, active and sports-mad. Anyone who might be reluctant to undertake the descent on a scooter or mountain bike certainly gets their money's worth here.

Fun for everyone!

The course

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You start in your mountain cart at the middle station on the Alpe Fleschen and ride back to the middle station. You stay on the Alpine road (Alpstrasse). Please follow the signs along the route and keep your mountain cart on the right-hand side of the road to avoid possible oncoming traffic. Now nothing will stand in the way of your enjoyment!

Mountain cart rates

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Prices per mountain cart,
excl. lift
1 ride
CHF 15.-CHF 20.-
10-use ticket
CHF 149.-

Prices per mountain cart and excl. lift

With the regional guest card, the lift must be paid for separately.
With the Bellwald guest card, the lift is free.
Otherwise, normal lift fares apply.

Contact for mountain carts

Further information can be obtained directly from Bellwald Sportbahnen AG

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Bellwald Sportbahnen AG
+41 27 971 19 26
+41 27 971 29 10
3997 Bellwald
+41 27 971 16 84