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Since opening in 2016, the Bellwald pumptrack has been extremely popular. Whether for locals or visitors, children or professionals - the Bellwald pumptrack, at the heart of the area's sports and leisure facilities, has already lived up to its name as a playground for everyone and as an ideal place to meet.

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A pumptrack is a roadway approx. 1.25 m wide for bikes, scooters etc., consisting of humps and banked turns. These humps are used to generate speed through vigorous movements.

A webcam documented the construction phase of the pump track, which has now been summarised in a two-minute video. Following the construction phase, the viewer is also given an impression of what happens on a pump track. The modern playground is an ideal complement to the existing sports and leisure facilities in Bellwald and is illuminated at night.

Our tip: Find out who's the fastest in a race!

Renting bikes

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1 hour2 hours4 hours
Pumptrack Bike, Dirtbikes und BMX  (incl. lelmet, knee pads and cloves)15.-23.-35.-
Scooter, Skateboard (incl. helmet und knee pads)10.-16.-24.-

Contact for pumptrack

Further information can be obtained directly from the sports and leisure facilities

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