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On the trail of nature

A long-cherished dream has come true. The nature park brings the beauties of nature to within reach. The mighty Wannenhorn is reflected in the little lake. Beautiful walks tempt you to enjoy the natural surroundings.

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30 years ago, there was already talk of creating a park in Bellwald that would bring together nature, a lake, recreation and leisure. But before this could happen, a number of hurdles had to be overcome. Re-zoning was agreed on with the canton. The forest district was concerned that the impact on the forest should be kept as low as possible. Nature conservation organisations were valuable partners in advising on environmental and nature conservation issues. In their role as builder, the municipality organised the financing. Planning had to be complete before construction could begin.

Today, the nature and recreation park is a jewel in the crown of what Bellwald has to offer. It blends in very well with the surrounding environment and supplements the existing habitats in the adjacent forest area. Paths around the lake and through the forest give visitors the opportunity to get very close to nature, to discover rare plants and to observe even rarer animals

Park benches invite walkers and nature lovers to take their time and to forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A chance to dangle your feet in the water, stride out with walking poles, stretch out in the fresh grass, lie under ancient trees to marvel at the clouds scudding by - Bellwald Nature and Recreation Park offers all this and more.

As part of the sports and leisure facilities, the park created by the municipality of Bellwald is the ideal complement to active sports.

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Further information can be obtained directly from the sports and leisure facilities

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