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Ort: Goms cross-country ski trail

Step by step, breath by breath, following the tracks in the snow...
Bellwald is located in the cross-country skiing paradise of Goms. Experience the silence and harmony in unspoiled natural surroundings on 90 kilometres of classic cross-country trails in Goms.

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Goms cross-country ski trail

90 kilometres of pure pleasure only 15 minutes away

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The special thing about the Goms trail is that it connects a total of twelve picturesque villages from Oberwald to Niederwald. Virtually every village has a stop on the Matterhorn-Gotthard Railway (MGBahn), which is very popular with cross-country skiers and winter hikers. This means that you can go back to your starting point by train as and when you please.

Additional information
All passes, with the exception of the cross-country skiing pass Switzerland, are also accepted on scheduled trains of the Matterhorn Gotthard Railway (MGBahn) between Fiesch and Oberwald (excluding the Glacier Express, 1st class and commuter travel ).

The map of the cross-country trail is available free of charge at all tourist information offices and at the points of sale for the Goms trail.
For more information on cross-country skiing, contact Obergoms Tourism.

Note:Since the winter of 2014/15 there has been no cross-country ski trail in Bellwald itself. Thank you for your understanding.

Rental of cross-country ski equipment

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Our sports shops will provide you with cross-country ski equipment and expert advice. For cross-country skiing lessons, contact the snow sports school.

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